Helder - Best Lens Adapters
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Brand Overview

Looking to get that exceptional shot in a complicated setting? Having a wider angle of coverage for shooting scenery or tight spaces is an absolute must. That's why Helder has a product base of dependable and durable conversion lenses that are manufactured with industrial-grade aluminum components, and are designed to provide you with the best wide-angle lenses on the market...and a wide array of versatile possibilities, too.

Complete Lineup

Unmatched Quality

The build quality of every Helder conversion lens is remarkably solid and the picture quality is equally impressive, with little to no blurriness at the edges.

Photogs for Photogs

Versatile Abilities

Our versatile conversion lenses allow videographers to have telephoto, wide angle, and macro lenses on hand at all times, and are easily adaptable with most brand name devices.


Maximizing Performance

With Helder, the ability to pick up more sharpness and squeeze more field of view into the camera without experiencing distortion and vignetting becomes an instant reality.

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